Thursday, 23 August 2012

Cinema GOONS

Nothing for about two weeks then two blogs in one day eh how amaze. Well I have had to write this one out of pure frustrations and ragingness. I dont even think thats a word.

Being as I had such a good time watching Magic Mike (pre post) I decided to give the cinema another go but with a not as fit film....TED. Im not raging about this but more the whole cinema experience I have had to put up with. 

First off was the actual hassle to even get passed the initial pay stage. I think the girl behind the counter had just put in for the job that day after getting no GCSE'S cuz she didnt know shit. She just kept looking at me smiling with her head to one side.  I HAD TO ASK for the price, an actual ticket, a drink - I mean did she want me to pay her wages an all.

Next was the bunch of frigging chavs that leered and shouted there way up the stairs and sat directly in front of me. They were giving it the lairy behaviours about when TED thrusts at the chip and pin machine although I reckon these lot would of tried it with a letter box. The worst was that they did not shut up all the way through and laughed like hyenas on speed even at the bits that wernt funny.  Even mouthy Sam rolled her eyes.  Worst of all though was the fact one of them had Kappa trackies on.  I didnt even think these still existed never mind got worn.  Its a bad mark against the country of Wales which was why I hoped they would fall down the stairs on there way out. I dont think il ever get that two girl back to back slogan out of my mind now.

Last but not least was the fact one of me other mates nearly choked on her popcorn.  Coughing and spluterring all over me I kept pushing me bottle of water in her face to drink. Talk about ashamed everyone was turning around probably thinking she sounded worse then the chavs.  She reckoned she went blue but obviously with the dark she could of been green I wouldnt of noticed.  Eventually she took me advice of "get outside im missing this" and dissapeared for ten minutes.  She was quieter when she came back.  But as I always say popcorn is a danger so let it be a stranger.

Peace x


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  1. Ok, well I've been a crap follower so far, I'm not sure I've commented at all. BUT!! I love your blog, I think you are truly funny with a great take on life. I've been a crap blogger too lately but one or two people might still read me so I'm going to give your blog a mention which will hopefully get a few other people over here. I know the people who read mine will love yours. Keep doing what you're doing!